Cloud Architect / ServiceNow platform Expert

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17/01/2024 - ΕΝΕΡΓΗ

Βρυξέλλες, Βέλγιο


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  • Περιγραφή

    We currently have a vacancy for a Cloud Architect / ServiceNow platform Expert fluent in English, to offer his/her services as an expert who will be based in Brussels.
  • Απαιτούμενες γνώσεις

    Following skills
    • Experience in software development and Information System integration
    architecture design, in multi-platform context
    • Experience using various system integration styles: APIs, file-based, event-based,
    streaming, RPCs, etc. and supporting tools and technologies

    • Good understanding of tools and technologies relevant in the development,
    integration, deployment and operation of Information Systems.
    • Good understanding of software engineering best practices related to SDLC and
    Agile, and in particular interoperability and security considerations.
    • Good knowledge of architecture best practices and patterns related to Information
    Systems design and supporting infrastructure, with a focus on microservice and event-
    based architectures
    • Good knowledge of cloud-based architectures covering all flavors of cloud IaaS,
    PaaS and SaaS (low-code included) and major provides like AWS, Azure, Google
    • Worked on Information Systems deployed in a variety of infrastructures and
    platforms going from traditional data-center VMs to cloud-based systems and low-
    code/no-code platforms
    • Knowledge of AGILE software development methodologies
    • Good writing skills: documentation is part of the tasks
    • Ability to give technical presentations
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to work with a high degree of rigor and method
    • Ability to grasp new concepts and understand new and complex domains very fast
    • Ability to apply high quality standards
    • Very Good knowledge of English (spoken, written).
    • Excellent collaboration, communication and inter-personal skills
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    Αργυρώ Δράμαλη , 6930999524-